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Conversions from VFP to ASP Web and Sage50 programs.  Accounting Software - Sage-ACCPAC PRO, Sage-ACCPAC Vision Point, Cougar Mountain, SBT, Peachtree, Sage 50, FoxPro, Plumbing Software, HVAC software, Servicom, H2, Senegence, QuickBooks, Church Software, CosmeticsLydia and more.  Over 20 years experience as a sales tax, bookkeeping and accounting software expert.  Over 20 years experience with FoxPro And Visual FoxPro.  Over 10 years experience in network support.   We have an app to improve payment tracking in Servicom. 


California changed it's Sales Tax laws and we have developed new software to help with that.  This software is designed for Vision Point.

Knowledge is my business!  Expert in Accounting Software, Enterprise Manager, Visual FoxPro, Sage50.  Learn how do get the data you need to increase sales from your bookkeeping software.  Get the help you need at low rates.  If you want to pay more that is your business if you want to pay less check out my rates.  CALL or E-MAIL me Now!!!!

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Local Servicing in San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga, Victorville, Barstow, Apple Valley, Ontario, Highland, The Inland Empire, Colton, Baker, Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Anaheim, Long Beach, Orange County, Hemit, Highland, Summerland, Prim, and Henderson.  Associate Servicing in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Service Manager for plumbing, HVAC, & other service companies using work orders update 07/20/03

Servicom (H2) plumbing software is a program with a great dispatch screen.  Servicom is a scheduling program.  As such it is very good.  It assumes that accounting will be done in other programs.  Unfortunately, that can result in huge tables that are hard to use.  Servicom is back ended by and SQL database.  This database may be accessed by Visual Foxpro or ASP.Net.  Custom reports are available.  We now have a payment program that allows tracking Payment detail for Servicom.  We have an add on program for this package that allows tracking customer payments.

In addition to tracking payments an aging program that can track payment plans is available.  This is rather important as many jobs are paid in multiple stages and Servicom assumes all jobs are paid by one payment.  Servicom's payment method can result in overpayment of taxes. 

I want to take a moment here to mention that many of the side routines I have developed for Servicom came about because of the needs of Payless for Plumbing of LA and the Inland Empire.

SeneGense is a multilevel marketing company that specializes in cosmetics.  Senegence used SBT Pro 6.0 and an SQL back end.  While we no longer sell cosmetics at, we can still support SeneGence dealers with bookkeeping, salestax, and customer retention databases.  

We understand salestax!  Problems with multi-state sales tax we can help.

Full support for legacy SBT and ACCPAC software without upgrade pressure!

Training, Custom programming, and setup.

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A brief history of SBT accounting software.

Back in the late 1980's a small Canadian company came out with a package called SBT. It was written to work in 3 langauges - Foxbase, Clipper and dBase. From the start it was sold primarily by programmers. A major reason for this was that the source code was provided and thus the package could be easily modified. This allowed it to move ahead of packages like Lake Street Accounting, Class Act, and Champion.

As Fox advanced so did SBT. By 1990 SBT was basically moving in lock step with Fox. Fox was then produced by a company in Toledo, Ohio. It ran both source code and compiled versions. That was an advantage over Clipper that only ran a compiled version and dBase that did not have a compiler.

About 1993 Visual FoxPro (VFP) came out and so did SBT PRO. VFP 2.0 was a program with a screen generator which SBT PRO made use of. At that time SBT split itís product line into PRO and Vision Point. SBT Vision Point was basically the old SBT package with all screens and reports created in code. SBT PRO made use of the VFP screen generator and report writer. That allowed it to be much more compatible with windows. Another difference was that SBT Pro was set up to allow user control while SBT Vision Point was always unlimited users.

Through out the 90's both programs continued to evolve as did Visual FoxPro. Along with most of the industry both were affected by consolidation. Visual FoxPro was bought by Microsoft and SBT was bought by ACCPAC. Up until this time the windows version of SBT had actually been a windows like addition and not a true windows program, because that is how FoxPro worked. That ment that it could run on DOS, Window, UNIX and Apple machines. VFP 2.6 and SBT Vision Point 2000 were the last editions that had this capability.

A large number of people bought Vision Point 2000 because of the turn of the century issue. This was actually rather minor for SBT as Fox had always handled the century issue. The main change was that entering a date before the 50th year of a new century would be seen as being a date in the next century. However, a bigger problem was created as FoxPro 2.6 was not compatible with windows versions after Windows XP. Even XP frequently caused printer problems as hard coded reports were difficult to format for modern printers.

About 2001 ACCPAC Vision Point 10 came out. This was written in Visual FoxPro 6.0. It made use of the VFP report writer and some use of the screen generator. Using the VFP report writer solved numenius printer problems. Changing to VFP 6 was an important change as Visual FoxPro 6.0 works on Windows through 8.0. Also ACCPAC Pro and Vision Point code in Visual FoxPro 6.0 can be run in Visual FoxPro 9.0. Which eliminates the few problems that exist in VFP 6 with modern windows.

Shortly, after this ACCPAC sold Vision Point and Pro to Sage. Sage had been buying up accounting software and slowly killing off packages. In the case of SBT, Vision Point was the first to go. Iíve always felt a significant reason for this was that it was written for unlimited users. Sage did maintain ACCPAC PRO as Sage PRO and then Sage PRO ERP.

Sage maintained the tradition in Sage PRO that language modifications would be used. That is VFP would be pushed to the limit with standard procedure code and special formats. That gave a lot of power to Pro, but meant that only specialized programers could handle it. By 2009 Pro was a very complete and very complex program that was as good as any other midlevel accounting software available with out modification. But it could still be modified.

2009 was a huge year for SBT accounting as that is the year Microsoft announced it would not upgrade VFP to a 64 bit program and was discontinuing it. VFP is a 32 bit program. Shortly, after that Sage Pro was discontinued as well.

Both programs are still in use in many places and work well. Many have modifications that make them unique to the location they run in. Itís just you canít buy a new version anymore.